Camelia, the Perl 6 bug

#perl6 IRC channel

Much real-time discussion happens on our IRC channel, #perl6 on

We try to be very nice to newcomers, so feel free to join us, and ask any Perl 6 questions you might have.


We discuss questions about Perl 6, how to install a compiler, proposals for small enhancements to the specification, ideas for new modules - you name it.

If you don't have an IRC client installed, you can use your browser to connect to IRC.

If you missed an interesting discussion on #perl6 - don't worry, there are public logs available. These logs also turn many Perl 6 specific abbreviations into links, or explain them when you hover with the mouse over them. A different logging facility can be found on

Please do not ask for help on Perl 5 topics in #perl6.


A variety of IRC bots make our life easier, here's a short explanation of what they do - courtesy by frettled.

Announces commits made to various projects relevant to Perl 6, such as implementations of Perl 6 and some of the repositories owned by Perl 6.
Hugs users, or adds them as collaborators to github projects.
Perl 6 code evaluation bot. We use this for live testing of code that may be of interest to others; it chats back to the channel. perl6: my $a; will result in a test against latest revisions of rakudo and niecza, nqp: say('foo') will test nqp, std: my $a will parse the expression using STD.pm6. For other compilers, try "camelia: help".
Provides various functions, such as leaving messages for people and translating text (see this handy reference for what yoleaux can do.)
Records everything said and done in the irc channel.