Camelia, the Perl 6 bug

The Perl 6 Community welcomes you

We are a bunch of volunteers developing PerlĀ 6 and Perl 6 applications, and try real hard to be nice to each other.

Get in touch with us! Here is how:

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Much discussion happens on #perl6, our IRC channel. This is the fastest way to get help.


Another way to stay tuned is reading posts from blogs that focus on Perl 6.


You can learn some basics about Perl 6 with these introductory screencasts by Gabor Szabo. Gabor also frequents our IRC channel.

Rosetta Code

Perl 6 is well represented on Rosetta Code, where you can see Perl 6 (and many other languages) applied to numerous programming tasks.

Perl 6 Testers

Perl 6 Testers shows the test status of the modules listed in the Perl 6 Modules Directory.

Smoke Testing

The Rakudo Module Smoke Results page shows the results of smoke testing the Perl 6 Modules.

Mailing lists

For more persistent discussions (and for the poor folks who can't use IRC) we have several mailing lists.

As of 2014, the lists have very low traffic (because most activity is on #perl6), but every question sent to it usually gets answered swiftly by at least one person.

You can subscribe to each list by sending an email to


Moderated lists for announcements and news. Fairly low traffic (a few mails per month).

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Discussions on the Perl 6 language

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Discussions on various Perl 6 compilers

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User questions about the Perl 6 language and compilers

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Coordination of events related to PerlĀ 6 (often together with other Perl or open source events).

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