Camelia, the Perl 6 bug

Getting started with Perl 6

You are new to Perl 6? The other pages on this site offer too many options and confuse you? Then here is the right place to read on.

Here you can find a selection that should be suitable for beginners. When you are a bit familiar with the language, come back to and look at other resources too.

The Main Track

  1. Install a compiler — follow these instructions to build and install Rakudo Star (“R*”), a Perl 6 compiler based on Parrot.
  2. Read about Perl 6 — grab the latest .pdf file of this book to learn Perl 6.
  3. Find available modules — use the panda installer (comes with R*) to install modules listed at the Perl6 modules directory.
  4. Write a program in Perl 6
  5. Write another program in Perl 6
  6. Get involved!

The Side Track

Parallel to the main track, you can read examples or talk to the community, and ask when you have questions or get stuck.